I'm wondering what should I do to change this behaviour. When I zoom to my municipality (Moravče, Slovenia) all the surrounding smaller villages are shown first, only if I zoom further the administrative center town name (Moravče) is shown later. For example village "Zalog pri Moravčah" (population: 188) is visible before town "Moravče" (population: 911) which is administrative center of municipality.

Why is that and how to fix it?

Best regards, Greg

asked 27 May, 23:16

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On the standard layer, I am seeing Zalog pri Moravčah appearing at level 12 and both villages then appear from level 13 onwards, so there is only one zoom level of difference.

Looking at zoom level 12 on other layers accessible from the openstreetmap.org home page: - CyclOSM displays both labels (with Zalog pri Moravčah displaced a bit to the east I think) - Cycle Map, Transport Map, OPNVKarte all display only Moravče - Humanitarian displays neither.

I don't think there is anything particularly wrong, just slightly different algorithms used by different renders to prioritise label placement (perhaps partly affected by Zalog pri Moravčah being a fairly long name located very close to Moravče).

I note you referred to Moravče as a "town". That might suggest you could upgrade its tag from place=village to place=town. However looking at the history of https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/2759151033/history , another mapped changed it from place=town to place=village, so I wouldn't advise that unless you are sure you can justify the change.

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answered 29 May, 14:44

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