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Hi All,

I'm working on a personal project on a offline map like open street map or google maps (street view).

I've to work with a laptop and it has to be offline when map is loaded in desktop application.

what I have tried was QGIS where i download open street map regional OSM.PBF files and loaded the vector in but loading was super slow and without internet is even slower, i have no idea why...

i'm trying to find out if i can do this over Microsoft visual studio??

I'm new to this, appreciate and many thanks to all of your advices in advance ! :D

asked 20 May '22, 03:55

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What are you actually trying to do?

Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 is a code editor. It understands projects in all sorts of different computer languages. A .osm.pbf file is a data file. Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 doesn't understand that data file format, so it won't be able to make any sense of it.

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answered 20 May '22, 09:37

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SomeoneElse ♦
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I am trying to create an offline singapore map application on windows desktop. The application would allow me to view singapore streetmap without internet connection with zoom in and out

(20 May '22, 10:08) SZYSC

OK, so you'll need to create an application that can hold a representation of the data in a .osm.pbf file. There's some information at , but all of those may require significant work from you.

(20 May '22, 10:12) SomeoneElse ♦

What is likely to be far less work is to set up is WSL and then within there set up a standard rendering server. That can be a raster tile server like you see on or something else - it's up to you.

I tested the "switch2osm" process on the previous version of WSL ages ago with no problems; I suspect it should still "just work" now.

(20 May '22, 10:18) SomeoneElse ♦

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