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I am thinking of starting a project whereby people map locations where their car has tried to sense the speed limit but has gotten it wrong. I drive a Tesla, so am proposing to start with Teslas incorrectly setting the speed limit for the Tesla Speed Assist feature.

The problem is that I don't know how to add this sort of data to Openstreetmap in a way that will (1) potentially scale up to thousands of drivers globally and (2) provide usable data for car/navigation manufacturers so that they can fix the problems with their sensors or map data. Also, in some cases, the signage itself needs to be improved.

How do I get started, and how do I scale up?

asked 12 May '22, 12:36

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I am here for the same reason, I am hoping that all the speed limit changes or "max speed" changes to roads, if you right click on most roads, you will see that the max speed limit isn't entered. What I am hoping is that the changes I am making will get put into map updates in the future for Tesla. I have issues with some new roads that went from one lane to 2 lanes with new construction, my M3 and MYLR both slow down to 35 for about 100 yards and then back up to 45mph at the area that diverts from one lane to two lanes. I guess all we can do is just keep making edits and hoping it makes a difference.

I have been doing bug reports in the car every time i have the same issue by pressing the right button/wheel on the steering wheel and saying "bug report, incorrect speed limit"

(21 Aug '23, 23:40) 352Guy

OpenStreetMap is not the right vehicle for this kind of project because you're not mapping something that exist on the ground but mapping a flaw in a specific version of a specific automobile operating system. This is not verifiable for people who do not own that specific automobile running that specific version.

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answered 12 May '22, 13:29

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Do you have any suggestions for an alternative?

(12 May '22, 14:39) penguian

We are always happy for people to map maxspeed as they are signposted on the roads, more info here. For the "Teslas seem to get it wrong here" map you'd probably have to do some thinking as to exactly what you want and build something custom.

(15 May '22, 16:01) InsertUser

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