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The city has added an official street address for a trailhead parking area. I have the new address as well as GPS coordinates. How do I add it to OSM?

asked 06 May '22, 01:36

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Is there a list of standard tag names? I created my own tags by accident for street address. The beginner guide didn't seem to cover each of the steps. I just used the standard editor and some pulldown items for descriptions.

(18 May '22, 06:25) SaltWaterBill

The standard editor iD should already give you all the usual tags. Not sure where you had need to create own ones. Can you link to your edits so we can take a look?

(18 May '22, 09:25) TZorn

I'm not seeing any answers when I open my question, just email with the comment. I've hit SUBSCRIBE ME several times but no new answers are showing up in the original question. And if I refresh the screen, the button returns to SUBSCRIBE ME. Is there some way to see all the answers like a typical support dialog?

From email: Hello SaltWaterBill, TZorn has just posted a comment on the question How to add a newly created street address? The standard editor iD should already give you all the usual tags. Not sure where you had need to create own ones. Can you link to your edits so we can take a look? Don't forget to come over and cast your vote.

The standard editor pulldown didn't have any items related to street address. So I just added what I thought would work, hoping that the editor would suggest the right one. However, I just found the addr: popups and have added them to the parking lot and driveway.

I don't know what "link to your edits" means. Under the share button, I see this Link:

I also don't know what "cast your vote" means.

(18 May '22, 16:00) SaltWaterBill

On this site "answers" are just the offered solutions to your original question. Any discussions, clarifications or additional inquiries are posted as "comments", either to the question or the answers. Please scroll up to the comments to find your and others' replies. Please also use the comment function yourself.

On the left of the question and answers you can give thumps up or down to the replies and also "accept" the answer which helped you most.

(18 May '22, 16:50) TZorn

I've found your edit. I'll take a closer look later.

(18 May '22, 16:55) TZorn

I found the comment button. Is there a reason that SUBSCRIBE ME always shows as if I am not actually subscribed?

(18 May '22, 21:52) SaltWaterBill

The software for this board is not maintained anymore. We'll move to a new software some time in the future. Until then we will have to live with some annoying bugs.

(19 May '22, 10:24) TZorn
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Take a look at the Beginners' Guide for a quick overview. Essentially, go to, create an account if you have not done so already, zoom to the area of the trailhead and click the edit button. There is a small tutorial you can follow to learn how to do your first edit. You map the parking lot, a service road from the highwhay across the parking lot and a path connecting that service road with the trail. Depending on what has been mapped previously you might bave to change or repurpose some of the existing ways.

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answered 06 May '22, 14:24

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I have reviewed your edits. You made some beginners' mistakes but they are easy to fix.

The editor did not suggest address fields for you as you were trying to add them to features that don't usually get them.

Let's start with the driveway. That should really only be tagged with highway=service and service=parking_aisle. If it has a name of its own (I doubt it) it would go into the tag name=xyz. You may add the surface or any access restrictions (no trucks etc) or whether it is lit nor not. But the driveway doesn't get address information. (1/2)

(19 May '22, 10:38) TZorn

The parking lot itself has somehow not been tagged as such but as a wetland. Not sure how that could have happened. Please go back to the editor. Click on the line making up the parking lot and then in the left side bar click on the object type wetland at the top (I have to translate here, so things might be termed slightly differently for you). You should now be able to search for parking lot by typing in the search field. Once parking lot comes up in the list below click on it. Now below you see all the typical fields that get usually tagged. Take a look if you can fill in any. You can always click the information button to the right of each field for explanations.

Then please scroll down to the bottom of that list and expand the All Tags list. Delete everything referring to the wetland (wetland, salt, tidal).

Hope that helps. There is also some useful information on (2/2)

(19 May '22, 10:39) TZorn

That is pretty easy to do.

Merely create an object, either a node or an area, to represent the parking lot and add address data to that object.

Possible tags are:


addr:street=Street Name


addr:city=city name


Does that answer your question?

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answered 06 May '22, 03:24

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I think all the edits are correct now. Removed an extraneous jog in the trail. I intended to just edit the parking lot and road from the highway into the lot. Added street address and removed incorrect tags.

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answered 20 May '22, 22:39

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