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I've found tags for music schools, dance schools, and art schools, but nothing for acting schools. I thought I'd match the patterns, but they're all different. What I've found on the wiki and in the presets in iD are:

leisure:dance + dance:teaching=yes amenity=music_school amenity=training + training=art

I looked on taginfo and didn't find anything that appears to be widely-used.

Maybe one of these?

amenity=acting_school amenity:training + training=acting amenity:theatre + theatre:teaching=yes

asked 04 May '22, 02:24

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Does this query, asked a couple of days ago, help?

(04 May '22, 09:34) SK53 ♦

Performing arts including music and dancing.

(05 May '22, 08:22) Kovoschiz

@Kosvschiz: did you actually read my answer? I specifically referred to an institution which teaches actors, which I know well because my nephew did a Foundation course there last year.

(05 May '22, 09:53) SK53 ♦

There's no specific example here though. There are quite a few varietites of these schools out there, like how you compared dancing. I have some offering a mix of these classes here, and I'm not sure all drama schools should be a =college.

(05 May '22, 16:42) Kovoschiz

Is it only for drama? "Acting" makes me think it may include special classes for TV and movie, although they are usually intertwined.

I prefer amenity=training + training= over an amenity=*_school for everything out there, If it's longer, more formal and established, you may consider amenity=college as mentioned.

theatre:teaching=yes only shows amenity=theatre is used for teaching, similar to leisure=dance + dance:teaching=yes. Not exactly the same.

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answered 05 May '22, 08:23

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In general drama schools are quite distinct from dance schools: being for prospective professionals rather than budding amateurs. Courses are largely full-time, follow a prescribed curriculum and are aimed at a recognised qualification. They make much more sense as amenity=college than amenity=training.

(05 May '22, 09:55) SK53 ♦

Can't you say the same for music and visual arts schools? Probably need to decide case-by-case.

(05 May '22, 16:29) Kovoschiz

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