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I'm helping my city update their website with a new map of a 5K race. I'd like to use OSM for the map. Obviously I could screenshot it and exit in a drawing app. But I'd like to do it the "right way" and end up with an embeddable osm map applet they can use, or export to svg or png.

I need to show the path to run, and the altitude. directional arrows, and I need to be able to force certain street names to show, and perhaps hide others. (I assume this is normally handled automatically, by how zoomed in one is on the map.)

I made a gpx file on osmand that shows the route decently well (aside from the forced visible/notvisible street names. Where should I go from here?

osmand screenshot

asked 29 Apr '22, 20:34

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There are some bits of information missing: should the map be static, or should users be able to zoom and pan?

In any case the usual way to do this is to display the route as a separate "layer" on top of a existing base map source. For example using leaflet for raster map tiles or Mapbox GL / MapLibre for vector tiles.

You could choose something as a base map that works well as a background (so not the standard style from If you really need to customize things the easiest solution if probably to modify an existing vector style.

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answered 30 Apr '22, 08:03

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