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I walked past a pub yesterday, which was closed and covered in scaffolding. It turns out it was damaged by a fire in March, but will reopen - at an unspecified date - when the damage inside has been repaired. I'm struggling to see what tags can be used to reflect this situation.

"Disused" seems a bit strong, as that to me would be if it had just closed down permanently. "Construction area" also feels wrong, as that would imply that the pub was being rebuilt, when the outside is still more or less "visually" fine.

I'm tempted to just change the name of pub to "The Kings Arms - temporarily closed", so that at least people will be able to see this on rendered maps...

asked 29 Apr '22, 12:03

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Mikey Co
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You could use opening_hours=closed (or, probably less good, operational_status=closed).

You could also add a note= tag to let other mappers know why you've used this rather than disused:amenity=pub, and perhaps also a fixme= or OSM note to remind you/others to come back and survey it!

Please don't change the name tag - the name of the pub is not "temporarily closed" and there are other consumers that use name tags, e.g. geocoders, routers and many forms of spatial analysis.

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answered 29 Apr '22, 12:36

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Richard ♦
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edited 29 Apr '22, 12:37

Thanks, I was going to include a note and fixme, but changing the opening hours is still not that informative for someone just looking at the main OSM renders or websites which sit over OSM and don't allow you to drill down into the detail of the premises.

To such users it will still look like an open pub

(29 Apr '22, 15:08) Mikey Co

"changing the opening hours is still not that informative for someone just looking at the main OSM renders..." you can't really cater to every use case. The likes of OsmAnd highlight opening hours if anyone nearby searches for it.

(30 Apr '22, 11:52) InsertUser
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