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I want to revert just one entity amended in a changset using JOSM's 'reverter' plugin.

I have to download the whole changeset as the other options are greyed out.

It gives a warning dialog about 22 conflicts.

I select the one object I want to revert.

I go back to the 'Revert Changset' command & select 'Revert selection only' which is now ungreyed, & click revert.

I then click the 'upload changeset' command, but it won't allow it as it says there are still 22 conflicts to be resolved which have no association with the object I want to revert & about which I have no knowledge.

How do I ignore/resolve these conflicts so they don't get uploaded?

asked 27 Apr '22, 17:00

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The revert changeset command just loads the changes object in a layer and undoes any changes in the changeset, upload still happens separately. I've done partial reverts and I don't think I've ever used the revert selection feature.

If you have downloaded the old version of all of the data and just want to revert some of it then you can select that and just "upload selection" in the usual way.

Description of this in the wiki.

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answered 27 Apr '22, 20:06

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If I want to do this I first download the area in question in the usual way, then select the object that I want to revert and only then call the reverter plugin. Then I'm always able to chose the "revert selection only" option. Usually, I leave the "Downlaod as new layer" option unticked. Does that work for you?

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answered 27 Apr '22, 22:47

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Check and

You should be able to select the modified objects with a search (CTRL+F) for "modifed" and upload just those objects via File>Upload selection (CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+U).

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answered 29 Apr '23, 15:22

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