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In an answer to What is the easiest way to import polygons from the Corine Land Cover? I was suggested to use an shapefile in Potlatch. So I tried with that:

In Potlatch I choosed "Background" and then "Vector file..." and picked "shapefile" and write the URL to my *.shp file. But when I pressed "Load" I got an error "The file could not be loaded" like on this screenshot:

alt text

How can I use a shape file in Potlatch?

asked 13 Oct '11, 09:51

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sorry for hijacking this thread... can I also use a shapefile I have locally stored on my harddrive in Podlatch? Without the detour through a file hoster, I mean...

(21 Oct '11, 16:11) moszkva ter

No, not yet. We have only just moved to Flash Player 10 which is the first version to allow this, and haven't had chance to code that yet.

(21 Oct '11, 20:56) Richard ♦

(Update: you can now use locally stored shapefiles; they need to be compressed in a .zip file before you load them.)

(17 Jun '13, 11:02) Richard ♦

Flash Player will refuse to open files from a remote server (i.e. a domain other than the one where the Flash app is hosted) unless that server gives permission.

To give permission, you need to put a crossdomain.xml file at the root level of your webserver that says "allow any Flash app to load stuff from this webserver".

The easiest way to do this is to copy one that already works, such as Flickr's! So grab the file from and upload it to

permanent link

answered 20 Oct '11, 23:11

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