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is there any possibility to prevent a path from reappearing. Recently I found a path indicated on my propperty where there is none an never has been one within the last 100 years. As this seems to attrackt mountainbikers, I deleted the path. Now after three weeks I checked again and the path had reappeared.

The people who use the imaginary path have already destroyed parts of the stone walls indicating the borders between different land owners and constantly disturbe a wildlive monitoring setup. The trails they leave enhance errosion of the soil.

So how can I prevent this path from reappearing in the map.

Thank you for your help.


asked 24 Apr '22, 07:01

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If you could link to where the problem occurs perhaps someone could look at the area and give an answer.

Regards Bernard.

(24 Apr '22, 07:34) BCNorwich

There is a problem where OSM's "map what is on the ground" philosophy conflicts with the land owner/manager's rights. Specifically, if someone trespasses and then uploads a GPS track to OSM there are mappers who will add it to the map. That is then picked up by outdoor apps which then attracts more trespassers. The path becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There is a way to break the cycle: Instead of deleting the path, change its tags. Change the highway=path to something like not:highway=path. Add access=no or access=private. Add an informal=yes (indicates non-authorized trail). Add a note=* saying what the situation is. By doing this you will reduce the possibility that a mapper using GPS tracks will add it back in. And with that tagging there shouldn't be any outdoor exercise/mapping apps that will show it.

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answered 26 Apr '22, 15:59

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It would still be good to know where the problem is so an answer can be given to an actual situation rather than a theoretical situation.

(26 Apr '22, 17:52) BCNorwich

Hopefully this JPEG will explain how to either add a note to the path and also how to save a link... just cut and paste it.

alt text

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answered 25 Apr '22, 22:17

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