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Please skip any thing that is already know to you. Niantic is the company that oversees Pokemon GO, Ingress Prime, and Pikmon Bloom. That has relevance. I know these are digital. However, I can catch a Pokemon in downtown Fort Smith if there and have a location stamp for Arkoma, OK. Arkoma, OK, is a town to the south-southwest. However, I wish to receive the stamp for the area where the creature was caught. All 3 games use OSM. I thought somebody here might be able to help. I am part of a group in Fort Smith. This might help.

/Users/andrewlow/Downloads/IMG_5035.jpg /Users/andrewlow/Downloads/IMG_5036.jpg

Any help will be appreciated. If this is not doable, that works as an answer. Contacting Niantic does not work.

Thank you, Andrew

asked 17 Apr '22, 23:47

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Do you believe that the OSM data is correct for your area? If so, I don't think there is much you can do. But if you think it is incorrect, you are welcome to edit and correct it!

(19 Apr '22, 05:16) vectro

Are you sure that Niantic uses OSM for location data? I know they use it for the map display, but those two things are potentially independent of each other.

Even if they do use OSM data, we have no way of knowing how they calculate locations. As vectro says, if your area is mapped correctly, there is little else you can do. And Fort Smith does seem to already be mapped in a standard way.

(19 Apr '22, 10:55) alan_gr

It was suspected that Niantic was using OSM data after Pokémon Go came out (which led to a number of bogus OSM edits from some players), but I don't know if this is still occurring.

(20 Apr '22, 00:14) alester

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This is a question you have to ask Niantic, not us.

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