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With the one exception of Wheatley, Mapco or Mapco Mart left Arkansas completely. I inquired

For the map program that many use, many Mapco were removed. All were not. The same applies to OSM. I changed the name of several locations but likely missed other. What is the best way to update names? I do not know if one business bought the rest of stores in Arkansas. I know that can make things more difficult.

asked 13 Apr '22, 17:03

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It depends on exactly what happened to the previous locations.

  1. If they've ceased operations, I'd add a disused: lifecycle prefix to the shop and/or amenity tag. If a different business reopens in the same location, the previous element can be re-used to help keep the history.

  2. If they're still operating under another name, simply change the name and/or brand tags. (And if you don't know the new name, just omit the name tag -- someone will add it eventually!)

If you're not sure, I'd go with #2, omit the name, and add a fixme tag or a note that will cue other mappers to survey the place.

If you question is "how to remove them all at once" there's no real shortcut here. You could propose an automated edit, or set up a group mapping project using a tasking manager, but at this scale it's probably easier to simply make the changes yourself, or with a few other mappers.

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answered 14 Apr '22, 15:09

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