OpenStreetMap is taking a route that is not accessible by car.

Pick up - Plumstead Station, Plumstead High Street, Glyndon, Plumstead, Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, Greater London, England, SE18 1SA, United Kingdom

Destination - Royal Borough of Greenwich, London, Greater London, England, SE18 1DG, United Kingdom

Openstreetmap is going through Old Coal Yard which is not accessible by the car.

The correct route can be seen in Google maps.

Head north-west on Plumstead Rd/A206 towards Pettman Cres 220 ft

Keep right to stay on Plumstead Rd/A206 Continue to follow A206 0.3 mi

Keep left to continue on Western Way/A2016 1.0 mi

At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto White Hart Ave 0.8 mi

Continue onto North Rd 315 ft

Turn right onto White Hart Rd Destination will be on the right

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I believe this may be related to this rather strange "barrier=yes" node on White Hart Avenue:

It looks like OSRM, at least with default settings on the OSM home page, refuses to route past this so-called barrier, even if this forces the use of road tagged as access=private - you can see this by trying to route over a very short distance on either side of the node: OSRM example

From the imagery this barrier doesn't seem to correspond to anything in the real world and could likely be deleted. Or perhaps it was meant to refer to a barrier adjoining the street rather than on the street itself (it looks like there might be some kind of gate to the east of that point).

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Well found! I've deleted my answer. That the node hasn't been touched for 9 years and was added 12 years ago makes me think that perhaps there was some sort of barrier at the business park entrance that has since been removed.

(13 Apr, 18:08) EdLoach ♦

It should be noted that there's also a gate tagged on the small piece of North Road farther to the southwest (added in the same changeset as the barrier=yes). If that gate ever existed, it doesn't appear to exist anymore either. Both of these barrier tags probably need to be removed.

(13 Apr, 21:41) alester
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