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Hi all, I've noticed that "man_made=spoil_heap" is not displayed with the std OSM rendering..!

This is a very common feature affecting the landscape in many parts of the globe. The rendering of spoil heaps is fundamental to conveying a "texture" to the landscape and is helpful during navigation.

Any ideas how to get this feature incorporated into std OSM rendering? Sorry I'm so naive about the mechanisms of how OSM rendering works.

Cheer, Larry

asked 13 Apr '22, 09:28

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edited 13 Apr '22, 11:04 rejected at the time of 1st ticket a few years ago. See a few sections of threads discussing landuse=landfill in about disused=yes vs disused:*= , and landfill:waste= (not mentioned directly) for what's disposed there.

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answered 13 Apr '22, 10:27

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Hi Kovoschiz, Thanks for the very useful links :)

I will use man_made=spoil_heap + landuse=landfill (with or without disused=yes).

As the discussions in the links allude to man_made=spoil_heap duplicates the landuse=landfill tag somewhat.

Perhaps man_made=spoil_heap should be deprecated/discouraged or, if not, then combined tagging with landuse=landfill needs to be added to the man_made=spoil_heap page on the OSM Wiki guidance...

Cheers, Larry

(13 Apr '22, 11:22) CartogLarry

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