there are two fence types, it's not clear what the difference is apart from tags, so this should be fixed,looks like one is hand railing.

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Where are you seeing these two fence types? What are the tags shown?

(09 Apr '22, 07:25) InsertUser

The two features barrier=fence and barrier=handrail are two different things.

The tag barrier=handrail is described with pictures here. A handrail is a rail that is designed to be grasped by the hand so as to provide safety or support.

A fence is a freestanding structure designed to restrict or prevent movement across a boundary, described here.

The key fence_type is used to describe the material that the barrier is made of. It could be wire, wood, barbed wire etc.

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The wiki photos show the problem exactly. Example 3, 6, 7 do not look they fit the definition. They are more like a fence. For others, the tag mixes up railings with tops you can hold, and additional handrails attached to the side of a wall, fence, or other obstacles. In the usage reviewed seems to suggest most of them are more of a railing.

A lot of fence_type= duplicates material= and occupies the tag, which the fence:type= proposal had hoped to resolve (inactive, author not free). The wiki currently suggests considering such an alternative. Removing the conflict allows tagging =railing, =bars, and other forms to describe the structure better.

(09 Apr '22, 12:16) Kovoschiz

Sorry it looks like the links went awry, they should be




I think the explanations reasonably answer all your points but of course one could nit pick forever.

(09 Apr '22, 13:56) BCNorwich

I've placed these links in the main text

(09 Apr '22, 16:47) SK53 ♦

my issue is that there there are two fence options. both lead to seems like wrong link is used. one shows a regular fence icon, the other shows a fence with vertical bars. so I think last mentioned is a handrail. that's how I've been using it as, but tags are wrong.

barrier=fence fence_type=railing

but if I use the tags for hand railing, I see the link is wrong, it too links to fence: but I see there is hand railing listing, but does not have its own icon. and link is wrong. so seems like there is a mix up. handrailing icon is at the second fence listing. but hand railing is listed as a barrier without a handrailing icon.

so link to hand rail should be

(10 Apr '22, 05:48) mtbboy1993
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