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I traced a large portion of a city using Bing imagery but recent GPS tracks show it is misaligned. The actual alignment is very close to maxar imagery using which the surrounding region is traced. Is there a way to shift the nodes? link: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=14/29.2129/79.5066 area to be shifted: nearly the entire region of Haldwani, Kathgodam.

asked 04 Apr '22, 08:23

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Using Josm you could search using user:your_user_name
If there are spaces in your user name, put double-quotes around your user name. This will select all the data for which you were the last editor
You can then select and drag the lot to where you think is a more accurate position.
If you have done a lot of editing you will likely have joined your edits to other things mapped by others so after shifting all your edits you will need to check those nodes to see if they need further adjustment.
If your area is too large to manage, in the search window you can also add the in view option which allows you to zoom in to a smaller area on your screen search and move smaller more manageable blocks of data.
Remember than Josm has an undo button if you see mistakes that need undoing prior to upload.
You can also revert changesets after upload if you would prefer to reset and start again. The reverter might be a plugin?
Hope it all goes well and if not feel free to ask for help.

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answered 04 Apr '22, 09:51

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I fixed it by using "continuous download" plugin for JOSM. Thanks for your reply.

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answered 04 Apr '22, 12:31

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re-posting reply I received via email from @Lakshyajeet....

" I used JOSM. The area I was working on was larger than Josm could download, so I manually downloaded the area's .pbf from OSM directly and imported it, and made my changes.

But every time I click upload it has a conflict (with my own data on osm) and when I try to resolve it and upload again, it still conflicts. "

Hi Lakshyajeet,
that's a pity.

I have not tried downloading pbf's, editing and uploading so can't offer advice in that regard, but it may be causing false conflicts. I suggest to download directly from Josm for this.

I suggest downloading smaller more manageable areas via JOSM and working and uploading smaller areas might help with the conflicts too.
If using inview you may prefer to unselect some nodes... control+left_mouse works for me on a mac

Conflicts happen when someone has altered the data since you last edited, so you may find that just accepting 'their version' each time may help. I find resolving conflicts quite difficult to solve.

Another option for downloading the whole area is to zoom in until Josm is happy with a smaller area you are downloading and then shift around and downloading the next section until you have downloaded the whole area you need, within reason. i.e. 6 smaller pieces that Josm is ok with to complete your area seems reasonable to me, occasionally as needed.

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answered 04 Apr '22, 12:25

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