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I have to render custom and Osmarender maps for my University. At the moment I get it done by hand, but something doesn’t work properly when I’m generating the PNGs and the tiles from it. The tiles become bigger than they should. To be precise, they don’t become bigger, but they are scaled up and don’t have the exact scale of the ones used on OpenStreetMap.

I already tried to circumvent this error by using the Tiles@Home toolchain, but that’s not as easily manageble as I expected. I have to modify/rewrite the tilesGen.pl perl script, since I don’t want to upload the tiles to the OSM servers.

Is anybody aware of my problem? Maybe there is a better way for solving this. It would be great, if there was an solution.

I appreciate every hint that you give me. Thank you.

asked 17 Sep '10, 16:00

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My hint: try using Maperitive. It can generate bitmaps, SVGs and tiles and there are a lot options you can play with. And it's a desktop application and requires minimum set up.

Example: export-bitmap command.

I'm the author, BTW.

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answered 18 Sep '10, 10:06

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I tried some of the features of Maperitive already. It is pretty awesome and increadibly fast.

Now I have to learn how to write my own rendering rules for Maperitive and then I will port my Osmarender rules to Maperitive.

This is not exactly what I asked for, but it solves my problem. So I’ll mark your answer as accepted. Thank you very much for your help!

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answered 18 Sep '10, 15:33

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