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Let me attempt this again. Little Rock might have had US 70B. I got on Google Maps yesterday and followed the partially new route for US 70 through Little Rock and North Little Rock. I attempt to change the eastbound route to what is today. That changed. https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=14/34.7222/-92.3199. is from OSM. Searching in edit for US 70 will produce this. Road Route US 70 (Little Rock, AR). I corrected the names to be US 70 instead of US 70B. The route changed within the last 3 years. I did not create this the first time. Clicking Arkansas here takes you to the Arkansas portion of US 70. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/U.S._Route_70#Arkansas. I tried to select mile marker 128 on I 30 since that is the last one before the interchange heading eastbound. I 30 also does not go east and west and also crosses the Arkansas River before ending at I 40. Little Rock has Broadway Street. North Little Rock has West & East Broadway Street and Broadway Street. The Broadway Bridge connects each Broadway Street from Little Rock to North Little Rock. I think I 30 needs the US 70 designation removed but am unsure. Let me get to my issue. If I could do this eastbound, I would create the other route. My route appears to begin in NLR on West Broadway Street before going over The Broadway Bridge to complete part of the route. I labeled each section where this should be US 70 for the road number that was not already labeled as such. What do I need to do to cause this to begin where I wish and follow the route I wish? I know that was wordy.

asked 22 Mar '22, 08:43

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Please do not open new questions just to change something, edit your original question or add a comment to it. Further note: adding some paragraphs would make your question far easier to read.

(22 Mar '22, 09:40) SimonPoole ♦

I am not sure what question you are asking. You have made quite a few changes to the map recently. Is something still wrong/updated after those changes? If so, could you point to something specific you want to change?

(22 Mar '22, 11:26) alan_gr
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