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I want to generate map tiles over India. How to set zoom levels while generating tiles?

Also, I am working on basic example. Following link is displayed on htmp file "Data CC-By-SA by OpenStreetMap"

I want to remove it since I am using my own tiles. How do I remove it?

asked 11 Oct '11, 08:10

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Reshma Maner
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I don't think you should remove the CC-BY-SA link since you are using OSM data, aren't you?

(11 Oct '11, 08:16) Jonas_

Ok. No problem. How do I generate India map tiles will all detailed zoom levels.


(11 Oct '11, 08:37) Reshma Maner

As Jonas said it, you should keep the legal mention of OSM paternity and license. Although, you're rendering your own tiles, you're doing that with OSM data. I suppose you're using OpenLayers, and for your information, you can modify the "attribution" attribute in the Layer constructor.

For generating tiles, you can use the script provided by mapnik, see this documentation

permanent link

answered 11 Oct '11, 08:38

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I have not added any specific attribution in my code. Is this the default attribution?

(11 Oct '11, 09:05) Reshma Maner

how do I change it? I tried it by adding follwoing line, but not working

var newLayer = new OpenLayers.Layer.OSM("New Layer", "world_tiles/${z}/${x}/${y}.png", {numZoomLevels: 10},{'attribution': 'Test Map'});

(11 Oct '11, 10:24) Reshma Maner

try something like this: {numZoomLevels: 10, 'attribution': 'Test Map'}

(11 Oct '11, 10:26) NicolasDumoulin

it is working, Thanks.

How do I generate india map tiles for all levels? Basiacally, I want detailed india map to be used from my server

(11 Oct '11, 10:32) Reshma Maner

This web site is a simple Q&A site, not a forum neither a good place to explain how to set-up your own tile server.

(11 Oct '11, 11:11) Pieren

I understand. I have already set up my own tile server. Just want some info on India map tiles.

(11 Oct '11, 11:17) Reshma Maner
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