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Hi, I use Open Street Map tile layer. It worked fine a few days ago but today it has 418 error in console and can't load tile layer. I know this error is related to OpenStreetMap's Tile Usage Policy: But I don't know to fix it and make work again. Can you help me ? alt text alt text Regards.

asked 13 Mar '22, 07:30

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(13 Mar '22, 12:38) nevw

Tengo el mismo problema en un aplicación Ionic, pero solo sucede en android al estar actualizada la aplicación WebView del sistema Android, alguien tiene alguna solución para esté error?

(15 Mar '22, 22:19) JuanK134

JuanK. There are already answers here. If they don't appy to your case please create a new question.

(16 Mar '22, 08:04) TZorn

You are probably overstretching the usage policy by requesting too many tiles.

This happens easily if you include them in a app, desktop software or website with a larger user base.

So you are not understanding the meaning of "OpenStreetMap data is free for everyone to use. Our tile servers are not."

In this case, it's best (esp. if you do this for a business, institution, app, etc.) to switch to a commercial tile provider. Some of those options can be found here:

As you are getting an 418 http error, it's likely that you are trying to scrape tiles in your application. Instead you should either find a provider that allows scraping of tiles or build up a tile server yourself. The website has a guide on that.

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answered 13 Mar '22, 13:29

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Hi, Thanks for reply. I use the standard tile layer. It's free. Now it works again. What is the problem ? alt text alt text Regards.

(13 Mar '22, 14:53) phuc1102

Actually the standard tile layer is not free, it's just that someone else is paying for your usage. In this case the members, associates and sponsors of the OpenStreetMap Foundation (for the tile rendering servers and more infrastructure) as well as Fastly for sponsoring the CDN and the members of the Operations Working Group for sponsoring their time to look after all those systems.

As I stated already: a HTTP 418 error code means you did something that the OWG does not like, and we won't give you any hints. But you don't get that error if you follow the Tiles Usage Policy that you stated already.

(13 Mar '22, 15:16) Spiekerooger

thanks for explaining!

(14 Mar '22, 09:18) phuc1102


The standard OSM tiles servers are meant for mappers. The policy used to be lightly enforced, but now it is more strictly enforced.

If you use these servers for a website or an app, the least you can do is to set up a proxy cache server. It's quite simple to set up and maintain (especially compared to a full-stack rendering server, see switch2osm about that).

The main point of the proxy is to reduce the load on the OSMF's servers, you probably don't need minutely up-to-date map for your visitor. If you cache tiles for a few months, and serve them yourself to all your visitors, then you should alright with respect to the tile usage policy.

Some doc about a proxy cache software.

I hope it's clear.

Best regards.

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answered 13 Mar '22, 18:50

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I'll try. Thanks.

(14 Mar '22, 09:19) phuc1102

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