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I am using Overpass API to count the number of POIs for different categories and for different cities. However, the the city names I use, sometimes don't match the ones tagged in OSM.

Example: I use "Southbridge Town" but in OSM is listed as "Southbridge" (sometimes using "Southbridge Town" returns some POIs)

Example request:

area[place~"city|village|town|locality"]["name"="Southbridge Town"]->.city;
area["addr:city"="Southbridge Town"]->.address;
out count;

I am looking for a general method for matching my city names with the ones used in OSM using regular expressions or Overpass tools. I use Python to build the query and make the request.

Thank you!

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asked 09 Mar '22, 10:24

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First to answer your question the solution is ot use the 'something like' operative which you've already used - [name~"Southbridge"]

However it's not required as there's only one Southbridge place.

addr:city is a tag of an object & can not be used to construct areas.

This routine returns the same results as your routine

out geom;
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answered 09 Mar '22, 18:03

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There was an error in my initial question. I use ["name"="Southbridge Town"] and it should be recognized as "Southbridge". Also, using "addr:city" works well in my tests.

(09 Mar '22, 18:23) ocabanas

Show the areas produced by the addr:city line.

The are no 2Southbridge Town" objects.

(09 Mar '22, 19:14) DaveF

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