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I am wondering if there are some best practices, how to setup a car to use it as a perfect mapping vehicle. I am thinking of:

  • Where to put the GPS.
  • Is there a good idea, to mount a camera
  • Automaticaly taken pictures? video?
  • How to connect the devices (live?) with JOSM/anything else?

Or Maybe someone has even rebuild a google streetview car for the use with OpenStreetMap??

asked 08 Oct '11, 17:14

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No need to get too fancy. You can mount gps devices on your dashboard. And cameras can be mounted on the windshield. See If you want you can add a swivel mount for a laptop so you could be sitting in the driver seat with the laptop on the side. Not recommended while driving of course. Using an ap like OSMand, you can post directly to OSM without using josm.

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answered 09 Oct '11, 04:00

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This may help JOSM/Plugins/VideoMapping Also a good read of the wiki. You may know that setting the camera clock to the GPS time to the second will in JOSM position the camera pictures to the correct place on the map

(09 Oct '11, 06:31) andy mackey

but how should i take pictures at the right moments? if the camera is mounted, would need some kind of remote control to take pictures. also, i am not sure, how osmand can help (beside, i only have an iphone) - is it only for uploading the track? because this doesn't help me while mapping? The JOSM Video Mapping looks interesting.

(09 Oct '11, 08:12) leopold

Some cameras are able to periodically take a photo. I don't think its a good idea to take photos manually while driving.

(09 Oct '11, 14:48) scai ♦

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