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I seem to be even more of a beginner than 2 weeks ago. After correcting what appears to be a fairly common beginner’s error, failing to join a new way to an existing way, Osmose reported a mass of other errors, up to 100 km away from any edits that I had done. The oddest were messages for nodes 8373633505, 8361153367 and 1776155144 “Missing tag or role on node”.

Neither the wiki nor the forum shed any light on the problem.

Inspection of these nodes showed that they had a tag “relation:10169937” (French long distance hiking path 48) but no roles were associated with this relation and I found no obvious roles from studying the map. Examining the relation (I am learning!) I found that these three were the only nodes belonging to the relation.

It would seem therefore that the message should be “Missing role for relation on node”. There was certainly no missing tag.

The question is, therefore, should I just delete the relation from the nodes as no similar nodes on ways along the route have relations. Or will something terrible happen, like 10 more error messages for each node modified?

asked 25 Feb '22, 16:10

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Don't take too much notice of osmose errors you are not responsible for. When you touch an object (ways or relations for example) you get some kind of ownership over it, even if you edit a small part of it.

But if you want the correct the errors, that's nice too.

It's pretty rare to add nodes to relations, especially without role. Untagged nodes, I don't see the use, except as via points in some special relations.

I think it's safe, and correct, to remove the nodes from the relation. It's probably a mistake from the original mapper.

As for knowing if it will lead to more errors, it might, for example if you edit another relation on the same node, or some way that is connected and is wrongly tagged... But again, that is not a problem ! It's pretty impossible, when you map a lot, to keep osmose errors to zero. You might get errors from others, on subjects you don't feel comfortable, or care, enough to try to correct.

There are also false positives.. Don't feel bad about it ! ;-)


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answered 27 Feb '22, 16:38

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Thanks, I will remove them from the relation in a simple edit that can be undone if it goes bizarre, it can be undone.


(28 Feb '22, 12:43) TinyTrouble

BTW, I do take notice of errors and warnings (even if they NOT MY FAULT!!) I was interested to see that the three ways I tagged as fixme, because I was not sure about the status of these ways and I have not yet checked with the local authority, have shown up as OSMI issues - that will remind me do do something about it.


(28 Feb '22, 12:51) TinyTrouble

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