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Steps over railways in the UK are frequently made of metal but the surface is coated in black grippy stuff, a bit like grip tape for a skateboard: photo of typical railway steps in UK How should I tag this surface? Sometimes there are similar situations where the surface is asphalt but this doesn't seem like asphalt to me.

asked 22 Feb '22, 08:36

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You could add bridge:material=metal for what's used below.

(01 Mar '22, 10:57) Kovoschiz

I would suggest that might work. Not really popular though.

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answered 01 Mar '22, 10:18

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SimonPoole ♦
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I think anti slip is best. It can describe many methods from expanded metal mesh, chicken wire and wood tarred and sprinkled with granite chips these all do the job and can last a good time.

(03 Mar '22, 10:00) andy mackey

Chicken wire laid over another surface is not a particularly good solution: I would tag it separately because when it degrades the whole path becomes hazardous. This occurred on a boardwalk in a local nature reserve. Alternatively use anti-slip as a key to show the types.

(03 Mar '22, 10:25) SK53 ♦

Thanks. I went with surface=anti-slip; anti-slip=grit.

(09 Mar '22, 06:42) TrekClimbing
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