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Thank you team! Your response has always been useful for me. Please still on my ongoing project. I have successfully written a code to retrieve intersections along a given street. But the stage I am now is identifying points of interest e.g restaurant, along the street. For example, let's say in a particular area A, we have street X and Street Y. My aim is to identify all the restaurants in Street X and arrange them in order that they are in real life. So when a user is moving from point P1 to point P2 on street X, I want the user to know if he has reached a restaurant, or an intersection as he progresses on the journey towards P2. How do i get this done? I can extract intersections separately and i can also extract restaurants separately, but I do not know how to merge them and arrange them in the order that they are appear in reality on the map. Please I need your suggestions.

asked 14 Feb '22, 15:23

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You seem to be wanting something like a 1-D map. I wrote a blog post about one approach a few years ago, and very recently Robert Whittaker has implemented something rather similar. In both cases I suspect that we use PostGIS to do all the hard work because it needs a range of geospatial operations such as ST_ShortestLine. You may find some ideas in my post.

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answered 15 Feb '22, 15:36

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