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Is there a common tag used by renderers to not display OSM objects? For instance, for trails that have not been confirmed by ground survey.

asked 05 Feb '22, 12:06

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There isn't a general widely-used "please don't render this" tag.

If you're in control of your own maps (such as creating your own maps for a Garmin handheld) then you can decide what tags to include and what not.

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answered 05 Feb '22, 14:01

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Some will say you should not map anything without ground survey. I'd say that you need a really clear imagery, or street-level photos, to map trails without ground knowledge.

If you really need it, you could follow the logic of Lifecycle prefixes, something like probable:highway=path. That way, the feature will not be used by any renderer or router, but you can still display it and go check on the ground.

You could also use the fixme tag, that will display as red in some renderers (OsmAnd with the right option activated for example), to warn users that the mapping should be confirmed.

Hope this helps.

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answered 05 Feb '22, 15:05

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Yes, this is exactly the reason. In Thailand, most of the roads and trails have been added via imagery survey first, and later confirmed with a ground survey. Some were added without imagery. Only recently, based on public GPS traces, we have added a way to identify those confirmed by GPS (source=GPS). But only custom plugins for Garmin and OsmAnd (one I built for example) can handle this distinction.

(05 Feb '22, 15:16) cmoffroad

you could add fixme=need ground survey tags to all roads and trails (without source tags), but that is probably overkill. But why do you want to hide them ? If they are obviously wrong, delete them, otherwise it's probably useful even if not totally accurate ?

(05 Feb '22, 15:33) H_mlet

My only concern is basic renderers users may complain some paths may not exist or are wrong. But there is not much else I can do here besides convincing them to use my plugin or a Garmin one :)

(05 Feb '22, 16:31) cmoffroad

Or convince them to contribute (using Notes or GPS tracks at least).

I still don't understand why you would want to "hide" object from the database. If they are wrong, you delete them, if not, they are better than nothing.

And users should never fully trust a collaborative map (or any map I guess), and should be ready to participate in correcting it.

(05 Feb '22, 16:56) H_mlet

By hiding them you would probably hide more correct ones than wrong ones. Wouldn't hat be worse?

(05 Feb '22, 18:55) TZorn

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