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Go on First search N 45.53402°, E 010.63113° – point on the map is not correct Second search 45.53402 10.63113 – point on the map is correct

asked 01 Feb '22, 07:56

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They seem to point to exactly the same spot, (middle of the lake), what are you seeing that you think is incorrect?

(01 Feb '22, 08:50) BCNorwich

For me, N 45.53402°, E 010.63113° points to Moniga del Garda left of the lake. 45.53402 10.63113 points into the lake.

(01 Feb '22, 09:22) scai ♦

Searching for 45.53402 10.63113 just gets you directly at the coordinates position ( which are inside the Lake Garda ) if you use the result of the so called "Internal" search.

Searching for N 45.53402°, E 010.63113° goes via Nominatim which tries to find the nearest node or relation. N 45.53402°, E 010.63113° is inside the Moniga del Garda relation (see: ) that spans into the lake and your result is showing that relation, so not the exact coordinate.

If you would search for both variants directly at nominatim ( ), you would always get the village as that is the relation nominatim can return (your coordinates are actually to the top right of that relation).

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answered 01 Feb '22, 09:31

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Interesting. Is it that the OSM web page does not understand that N 45.53402°, E 010.63113° is coordinates and thus passes the search term directly to Nominatim? What would be allowed coordinate formats the page understands?

(01 Feb '22, 10:20) TZorn

Yes, if the search query contains two floats but nothing else, the search tries to get latitude and longitude out of those and gets you directly to that position. I'm not into RoR, but you could have a look here: Otherwise the search query is passed to Nominatim.

But it does not understand coordinates with degrees, minutes, seconds etc. If someone volunteers to write a good parser for all kind of formats, you could to a pr here:

(01 Feb '22, 10:28) Spiekerooger

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