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So FB seems to be using Openmaps for their location systems In Russian version of maps, if one were to put address "Semashko 39, Mytischy" into the search - the map shows the area wrongly titled " Region of Adolf Hitler", which is very insulting. Also under the check-in option if one were to use the same address "Semashko 39, Mytischy" - registered on your maps as a local business, therefore has it's own page - the same "Adolf Hitler region" is displayed on your maps. Moreover, the area (region) called "PERLOVKA" is entirely misplaced on the maps, like by 10 km, it showed instead be placed right next to Perlovskaya train station Unfortunately I don't have any point here to post images

However on OpenMaps on this site everything is correct Also the report to FB of this issue just doesn't send out, whatever that may mean.. How to correct this issue?

asked 29 Jan '22, 13:09

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I've mentioned this over at OSM US' Slack, where Facebook people sometimes are. Given that it is Saturday, it may not get picked up until Monday.

(29 Jan '22, 13:33) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi Anka13,

Thank you for sharing your feedback. We investigated but couldn't reproduce the issues. Would you mind sharing us more details of how to reproduce the issues? Please feel free to email us at

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answered 02 Feb '22, 18:02

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