I want to construct proximity maps. For example, a map where each point has a color, indicating its distance from a river or a water source (lake, etc.).

Is there any way of doing that with OSM?

Thanks a lot, Tomer

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The focus of the OpenStreetMap project is the map data. There are a variety of tools around filtering extracting and rendering that data in the "ecosystem" but I'm not aware of any OSM specific tools related to your question. For the analysis you're interested in you will probably need something more generic like QGIS which sounds like it might do what you're asking.

OSM data varies in completeness from region to region. If the features you are interested in are relatively complete in your area you may be able to use it in your analysis. Most contributors contribute as a hobby so if you need information that is 'authoritative' or rigorously checked you will need to seek it elsewhere. For relatively small areas tools like Overpass turbo can be used to download only the information you are interested in. There is a QuickOSM plugin for QGIS that can be used to download data from within the program. For larger areas you will need to download extracts and filter locally.

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This was very helpful! Thanks a lot!

(02 Feb, 08:46) tomermilo
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