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Hello, is there a specific relation for entrance=* and a POI in form of area or point? For example, there is a case of a building (area) of a swimming pool. There is a gym from the back and a cinema above the swimming pool with an entrance from one corner. Is there any way how to bind a specific entrance to a specific POI, or is it always done only the way that the main entrance is for the building itself, and other POIs (points) have to be located somewhere at their entry point, no matter if they are physically located (through the corridors) elsewhere in the building?

I found these two relation proposals type=associated__entrance and type=provides__feature, but neither seems to be approved.

I hope my question is a bit clear...

Thanks a lot.

asked 23 Jan '22, 16:48

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Very thoroughly researched! I was aware of the proposed associated_entrance relation (and I've used it myself) but not of the proposed provides_feature relation, which, it appears, is a bit more popular.

I would have suggested associated_entrance, but knowing now that there are two competing proposals -- and best I know, neither has gained enough traction to be implemented in end-user software -- it's hard to know which relation to pick. Certainly doing both seems wrong.

In the situation you describe, I'd be satisfied (for now) with adding the POI nodes near the most useful entrance for each POI, rather than locating them near their interior coordinates.

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answered 24 Jan '22, 16:29

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type=site is less unpopular so to speak. It is used when areas can't describe the feature fully. Although, type=provides_feature author disagree without elaboration a decade ago, this has already been used in site=parking widely, with exactly the same usage to relate the =parking_entrance to the =parking.

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answered 25 Jan '22, 12:26

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