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Hi all i guess i'm late like always. i'm a new subscriber and only found this site by accident i swear my phone helps me a lot these days. anyway i'm only here because i have been doing a lot of searching and driving and discovering many things are not as the once we're ie the day before yesterday for example. i took a short drive out of town and discovered land marks were changed buildings gone strata non existent as before and roads and hwys either name changed or gone. Help! I do not know what to do and why these things are going on i'm completely in the dark or as i'd like to say i'm an optimist and refused to see the things changing before my eyes. please any help on what to do how to do it and to contribute would help. i'm no einstein but i'm definetly a novice about updating a map and map troubleshooting and codes and algorithms. any help in north carolina US would help however i don't think i'm in North carolina right now.

asked 22 Jan '22, 18:44

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Without any knowledge about your phone, how about an update of your maps, provided by any other firm, for starters. It sounds like its outdated. Or ask this your local commnunity, they might have other solutions as well.

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answered 23 Jan '22, 09:53

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NOTICE: is no longer in use from 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum