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Hi there, my question was asked a couple of times, but none of the answers did the trick for me.

What I want: for my trip journal I want to have pictures of the routes I travelled. Lets say I do a trip from Munich to Barcelona, visiting some places in Italy and France on the way. I want to add all visited places as markers and have them connected as a street route, covering the streets I went. Unfortunately, I do not have gpx data, thus, I need to redraw the routes from memory. When the map is set up, I want to make a screenshot and add it to my journal.

Most of the times this question is ask, someone recommends umap. However, in umap one can add markers and draw freehand lines and areas, I found no way of connecting markers with routes. google mymaps on the other hand explicitly has a button "add route" which allows entering start and destination and even allows do drag and move the route if the routing algo picks the wrong streets. As to my understanding, umap does not offer this.

Am I wrong? Can umap to this? If not, how can I achieve this using OSM data?

asked 09 Jan '22, 10:08

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The workflow with uMap is this :

  • compute the route with your favorite router. I like brouter for bike trips, graphhopper otherwise.
  • export the route, usually as GPX.
  • import the gpx in uMap.

A bit cumbersome indeed.


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answered 09 Jan '22, 12:40

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Have a look at FacilMap. It's an easy to use webapp. You can draw routes by clicking and dragging markers. You can also save the routes in a collaborative map.


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answered 09 Jan '22, 12:32

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I suggest that you could use Qgis to do this. Create a gpx track in Alltrails or similar apps and save the gpx and open in Qgis. Add the OpenStreetMap as a background map. Add all your georeferenced photos to Qgis. Download the qgis2web plugin to Qgis and use it to export your map to a html file which you can embed in an iframe on the web. There are many utube examples on using qgis2web with QGIS and on displaying photos on the web.

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answered 09 Jan '22, 11:53

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Hello Everybody, I am novice on this platform and I am very interested in the answer to the above question. Thank you to the one who will help us. pmmy49

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answered 09 Jan '22, 11:11

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Please upvote the question, or even add a comment, instead of adding an "answer".

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