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Hi everyone ...

New to mapping and just testing OpenStreetMaps vs Google Maps.

When i embed OSM into webpages, the maps are not as sharp as GM on high resolution retina screens.

Why is this and can this problem be fixed?

Thanks for your advice ...

alt textalt text

asked 07 Jan '22, 15:32

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There is also the ESRI OpenStreetMap vector tiles viewable on the web in a range of styles:

ESRI OpenStreetMap vector tiles on ArcGIS Online

This is the one for the more-or-less clone of the "Standard" map:

Standard map in vector tile

Alas... not without the typical "vector tile" inherent defects like missing landuse on lower zoom scales due to the limitations of most current vector tile frameworks and compromises needed to be made for avoiding rendering milions of vector objects in a typical view port on a large screen...

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answered 07 Jan '22, 22:14

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Thanks mboeringa - i'll take a closer look.

(08 Jan '22, 08:14) Nitroman

You'll also find more information and examples about high resolution tiles in the wiki:

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answered 08 Jan '22, 09:31

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You can set up your own OSM-based tile server with retina resolution ( provides instructions), or buy OSM services from a commercial vendor. For retina support on, see

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answered 07 Jan '22, 15:40

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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edited 07 Jan '22, 15:40

Just what i wanted to know.

Thanks so much Frederik !

(07 Jan '22, 15:45) Nitroman

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