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There is a research facility located at 2556 W Highway 316 in Citra, Florida. The buildings and roads were already added, but I was trying to add an Area polygon to show the area of the campus. I drew the area using data from the Marion County GIS system (showing their parcel lines) and chose "Research Institution Grounds" as the area type and entered in all of the data points. Once completed, I saved it as usual but after a couple of days it still isn't showing up on the map. It shows up in my edit map, but not in the regular one. Any thoughts or suggestions?

asked 05 Jan '22, 01:24

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Depending on your definition, you may add landuse=education. This is more likely to be considered for render. (Some research institutes may be more landuse=commercial)

(05 Jan '22, 10:37) Kovoschiz

Thank you. I'll give that a try. It is definitely educational as it is tied to a university rather than to a corporation.

(05 Jan '22, 14:20) CraigPrusansky

Given that it is operated by a university, adding landuse=education seems reasonable. Perhaps there is a higher chance this will be rendered at some point in the future, but based on the github discussion that may not happen either (

(05 Jan '22, 14:43) alan_gr

I believe this is the object you are referring to (you probably meant to write 318 rather than 316 in the address):

By "the map" I assume you refer to the "standard layer" displayed by default on What were you expecting to see on the map? Have you seen other examples of research institutions where something is shown on this map?

As far as I know there is currently no rendering of amenity=research_institute on the standard layer. There has been a long discussion on this topic here:

permanent link

answered 05 Jan '22, 09:19

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Yes, 318. That was a typo.

I was referring to the rendering of the area as you would see with a park. I read that discussion and this facility is listed as a valid location point that renders in both Google Maps and Bing Maps (label only, no polygon). It is part of a university so I suppose I could change the type to university so it renders correctly, at least so the label shows up so users know what all of these buildings grouped together are?

(05 Jan '22, 14:18) CraigPrusansky

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