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I've edited with Potlatch2 many, many times. Now it's not working; no editing is working. Zooming doesn't matter. It acts like I'm not logged in when, in fact, I am...

asked 05 Oct '11, 04:41

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What browser are you usng? Which version of Flash Player?

(05 Oct '11, 09:04) Richard ♦

Upgrade your version of Flash player. Version seems to be very buggy and has many known exploits.

I tested version and Potlatch 2 seem to work fine.

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answered 05 Oct '11, 12:41

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Firefishy ♦♦
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edited 05 Oct '11, 12:42

3 now requires version 10.1.85 or greater.

(06 Oct '11, 10:59) Firefishy ♦♦

I have the same problem/s, Potlatch is more or less un-usable. It started just a few days ago.

I'm using IE 8.0.6001 with Flash

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answered 05 Oct '11, 09:46

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If you try the test instance (not live data) at , do you have the same problems? (Click "Cancel" if you get an "Authorisation Required" box.)

(05 Oct '11, 10:31) Richard ♦

It works better. Editing ways works fine, like creating new ways and deleting stuff.

But the drop down menu for tagging (to the left) have a life of it's own. It gets activated when I create a new road, wich blocks a large area of the edit screen, and sometimes it can't be activated at all.

The buttons down to the right are a bit tricky as well, they work fine but the shading is messed up so you really don't know when a button is available or not.

Update: The tagging-menues and button-shading works fine until the first time I tagg a way (as "Residential"). After that things get messed up.

(05 Oct '11, 11:24) Thavox

Hmmm. As a first step, you could try clearing your cache in case there are any old config files hanging around which are no longer compatible with the latest version of P2.

If that doesn't help, you could try installing the debug version of the Flash Player plug-in and reporting any error messages that it brings up (ideally through a ticket on

(05 Oct '11, 11:49) Richard ♦

Clearing the cache didn't help. I'll try upgrading my Flash later today...

(05 Oct '11, 13:36) Thavox

Have been looking into this and it's definitely a Flash 10.1.82 bug. Unfortunately there doesn't seem any easy way in which we can change P2 to cope with it.

(05 Oct '11, 13:40) Richard ♦

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