Hello, So I am trying to do what the title says following the instructions here and in the command bundle exec rails test:all I get many errors like the following: rails test test/integration/oauth_test.rb:6


Error: OAuthTest#test_oauth10a_desktop_app: ActionView::Template::Error: couldn't find file 'leaflet/dist/images/marker-icon.png' Checked in these paths: /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/app/assets/config /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/app/assets/favicons /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/app/assets/images /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/app/assets/javascripts /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/app/assets/opensearch /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/app/assets/stylesheets /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/vendor/assets/iD /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/vendor/assets/jquery /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/vendor/assets/leaflet /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/vendor/assets/polyfill /var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/doorkeeper-5.5.4/app/assets/stylesheets /var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/doorkeeper-5.5.4/vendor/assets/stylesheets /var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/i18n-js-3.9.0/app/assets/javascripts /var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/bootstrap_form-4.5.0/app/assets/stylesheets /var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/jquery-rails-4.4.0/vendor/assets/javascripts /var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/actioncable- /var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/activestorage- /var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/actionview- /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/config /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/node_modules /var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/popper_js-1.16.0/assets/javascripts /var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/bootstrap-4.5.3/assets/stylesheets /var/lib/gems/2.7.0/gems/bootstrap-4.5.3/assets/javascripts app/assets/config/manifest.js:22

rails test test/integration/oauth_test.rb:47

Finished in 185.377536s, 6.8994 runs/s, 2977.6909 assertions/s. 1279 runs, 551997 assertions, 4 failures, 409 errors, 0 skips Coverage report generated for Minitest, Minitest-0, Minitest-1 to /home/mxt08/openstreetmap-website/coverage. 5074 / 6198 LOC (81.87%) covered. Lcov style coverage report generated for Minitest, Minitest-0, Minitest-1 to coverage/lcov.info

Why I get that errors and how can I solve those errors? Tnaks in advanced.

asked 16 Dec '21, 14:15

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It might be a problem with the previous bundle install command, which should install all the dependencies ( or is it yarn? ).

But you should create an issue directly in the repository, you'll get more relevant answers from the developpers.


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answered 16 Dec '21, 15:38

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