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What I want is to display a simple offline map using OpenStreetMap. I cannot find in the web the right tools to create map tiles and use it to display a map in Android. I have downloaded different resources but it seems that I don't have any idea where to start. I want to integrate images from OpenStreetMap using JOSM but i don't know if I can use it on Android.

Can I use Mapnik? Your help will a great thank you.

asked 04 Oct '11, 11:23

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The easiest way I have found to generate tiles is using Maperative.

A quick outline of how to do this is:

  1. Go to the area you want downloaded in the map view.
  2. Choose Map>Download OSM Data, this may time out if your area is too big, in this case download an extract for your area and use something like osmosis to extract the bit you want.
  3. It should now render your map using the default style, delete the web map from the sources list and change the style (Map>Switch To Rules) if you want.
  4. Choose Tools>Generate Tiles
  5. Now you have your tiles in the Tiles sub folder.

Mapnik should also work but will be more complicated to set up, there are various guides for both programs on the internet. Getting the tiles to display nicely on android is a different problem which I don't have experience with.

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answered 04 Oct '11, 12:34

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thank for your answer. Please update if you have more ideas to impart.

(04 Oct '11, 14:55) lordzden

OsmAnd is an Android app that can display maps offline and has a Java-written tool called OsmAndMapCreator.

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answered 05 Oct '11, 11:27

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(05 Oct '11, 16:54) stephan75

Try "Locus" maps - quite a nice app. It can download certain region (rectangular, along the way, or whatever) for later use. Lot of settings.

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answered 05 Oct '11, 07:22

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Please do not use Locus. The app puts too great a strain on OpenStreetMap's servers. Please only use maps that work with downloaded static vector data (e.g. Maperitive) or that have their own servers (e.g. Mapdroyd).

(05 Oct '11, 10:36) Richard ♦

I'm careful with caching. There's still no good mobile internet plan here, .so most people have to t.hink about cashing. I don't cache i, thanksn high resolution. But I'll check the apps you recommended, thanks. Just like the locus functionality and it's ability to change how frequently the coords are checked. Helps keep battery alive when hiking

(05 Oct '11, 10:51) Toofpic

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