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Hi - I've been following good tutorials on switch2osm, linuxbabe on a clean ubuntu 18.04 build. https://switch2osm.org/serving-tiles/manually-building-a-tile-server-18-04-lts/

Help massively appreciated:

Issue 1 - 'root' error when running scripts/get-external-data.py Issue 2 - 'root' error when running sudo renderd -f -c /usr/local/etc/renderd.conf

error logs for 2 issues: https://pastebin.com/15gck0Pu

my renderd config file:




asked 04 Dec '21, 10:28

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Don't run "renderd -f -c /usr/local/etc/renderd.conf" as root. Use the non-root username that you chose earlier in the instructions.

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answered 04 Dec '21, 10:42

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Thanks for helping although I have this issue when I try that. E.g. I switch user to 'renderaccount' (my non-root username) and run without sudo:

renderd[18191]: An error occurred while loading the map layer 'ajt': Postgis Plugin: ERROR: permission denied for relation planet_osm_polygon

UPDATE: I gave superuser priviledgers to my 'renderaccount' in postgres... this is the error now, which I think relates to issue 1: renderd[18942]: An error occurred while loading the map layer 'ajt': Postgis Plugin: ERROR: relation "icesheet_polygons" does not exist LINE 1: SELECT ST_SRID("way") AS srid FROM icesheet_polygons WHERE "...

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answered 04 Dec '21, 10:48

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That probably means that you carried out some earlier steps as root rather than the non-root username that you chose earlier.

(04 Dec '21, 10:57) SomeoneElse ♦

Another clean install I try... cry.

(04 Dec '21, 11:07) kieran

If you get any questions as you go you could try asking on IRC in #osm - there might be someone there who can help. See https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/IRC#How_to_use_IRC .

(04 Dec '21, 11:42) SomeoneElse ♦

LEGEND - worked perfectly (in under an hour!). tutorial excellent except for maybe run all as non-root user (i know this is probably a no-brainer to people who get security etc...), and you need to give sudo privs to the non-root user and make postgres user superuser as well!

(04 Dec '21, 12:02) kieran

I've added https://github.com/switch2osm/switch2osm.github.io/pull/175 - does anything else need saying?

(04 Dec '21, 12:16) SomeoneElse ♦
  • The validation/tips in brackets I found REALLY helpful

  • Do the the user and permissions at the beginning and include validation in brackets (something like: su renderaccount - you are now in your ‘renderaccount’ - run all commands form here). As the set up a user instruction was like instruction 10

  • You could say tested Dec 2021 now at the beginning

  • The switcher redirector link broken (I used jupyter)

Thanks again

(05 Dec '21, 11:08) kieran

Just for completeness, future "Ubuntu" setup guides will be like https://switch2osm.org/serving-tiles/manually-building-a-tile-server-ubuntu-21/ since most of the software is built-into Ubuntu itself now. With new versions of Ubuntu you don't need to create a new non-root account yourself; the installation does it for you.

(05 Dec '21, 12:08) SomeoneElse ♦
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