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StreetComplete has been asking me about tactile paving for crossings and bus stops. I've looked at the Key:tactile_paving page and most of the examples there use some form of these bumps. So I've been answering Yes when I see these:

Ramp with bumps

But there are a lot of curb cuts around that have only the sets of grooves, usually at the point where the sidewalk meets the ramp: Ramp with grooves at the edges

And sometimes on the ramp too:

Ramp with grooves at the edges and on the ramp

Are these both correct uses of tactile paving? Or are they incorrect? Or do they not count at all for the purpose of this tag?

If they do count, what about crossings that have one style on one side and another style on the other side? Should that be tagged as Yes, or as Incorrect? (These are all from the same intersection!)


asked 02 Dec '21, 18:54

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The main question is whether you could feel the tactile paving with a stick or under your feet. If so it might be primitive. Raw concrete might have scoring in it to make it less slippery, I wouldn't normally map that as tactile paving.

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answered 06 Dec '21, 14:17

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There's tactile_paving=primitive that could use more clarification and examples in wiki.

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answered 05 Dec '21, 06:22

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