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I am a newbie to java openstreetmap. How can i create different levels of an indoor building? For ex. by adding new layers or something else? I've tried indoorHelper, and i guess i handled the creating different levels but don't know how to access these different levels. I see some indoor mapping apps, there are buttons for switching levels like -1,0,1, how buttons know these levels and switch between them. Are there any functions like getLevel()?

To sum up what is your way to create levels and access them ?

asked 23 Nov '21, 20:10

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I've left an answer at the corresponding StackOverflow question:

(25 Nov '21, 10:16) Tordanik

OpenStreetMap is a database of geospatial information. Levels/floors are modeled with attributes of geometry primitives in the data (the level tag to be concrete). How attributes are made available to applications depends completely on what framework you are using so can't be answered without further context.

But very roughly you can determine from attributes on the building outline the min and max level and then simply only display objects with the correct level tag, for more information see

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answered 24 Nov '21, 09:07

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@SimonPoole thans for answer. Assume that i am using mapsforge or leaflet as frameworks, any advice ?

(24 Nov '21, 10:00) baranacikgoz

No advice really, in the case of leaflet you will need to use an API like Overpass or use a database to retrieve the level relevant data. This is what I believe for example does.

(24 Nov '21, 10:17) SimonPoole ♦

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