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I have 2 different method of showing map but same question;

  1. I have a local tile server which is running with docker. I've added different levels to my indoor map with josm indoorHelper plugin. How can i show/switch between these levels?
  2. Different from this tile server, i am working on second map showing method. Have a flutter app and a plugin called mapsforge with it. I have the same indoor map. And plugins readme offers this code; new MapFileData( url: "", fileName: "Chemnitz", displayedName: "Chemnitz - University (Indoor)", initialPositionLat: 50.81348, initialPositionLong: 12.92936, initialZoomLevel: 18, indoorZoomOverlay: true, indoorLevels: {1: 'OG', 0: 'EG', -1: 'UG'}, ), So there is a section indoorLevels: {1: 'OG', 0: 'EG', -1: 'UG'}, and when i write this code with my map, these levels shows nothing. How can i define my different levels?

To sum up with 1st and 2nd method i am having difficulties to show different levels/floors

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I don't know if these are remotely helpful for you, but the three websites used for examples on the Simple Indoor tagging page all appear to be open source according to their wiki pages: OpenLevelUp,Indoor=,OpenIndoor. It may be possible to crib what they do? I would not recommend hitting overpass repeatedly for the same building, but if they're using GeoJSON it might be a very small file to store locally if you're only doing one building.

(22 Nov '21, 19:05) InsertUser

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