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Hello. I have a coordinates of a place and I want to get a corresponding section of map as an image. I know that it possible in Overpass Turbo ("Export" button), but can I do this from my code using Overpass API for Python?

asked 20 Nov '21, 12:19

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What overpass does when you export to an image, is to download individual tiles and place your query result on top. Since you do not seem to even need to export data, Overpass is the wrong tool. You can either download the individual tiles with Python and paste them together - see e.g. or for inspiration in PHP - or you can use a hosted "Static map" service ( Whichever you choose, understand that you are using someone else's computing resources for this, and that you cannot use this massively without causing harm. So before you publish something that you expect to be very widely used, check with the operators of the respective servers you are relying on.

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answered 20 Nov '21, 21:57

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Thank you for your answer. I want to use this for my bachelor's thesis and for only one city, without publishing the program. It contains a factor analysis of traffic accidents at intersections. I have the database which include coordinates of crashes, time, weather, information about cars etc. Also I want to add information about road: tile, priorities, traffic lights, max speed and maybe something else. Most of this information i can get using queries to Overpass API, but not tiles. Thanks for links, I'll see it.

(21 Nov '21, 08:50) Sertyhopss

@Serlyhopss I'd look at QGIS which can show tiles in the background (XYZ Tile layers) and pull data from OSM via Overpass-like queries (or just save the geojson from the queries). I do this all the time.

(21 Nov '21, 14:16) SK53 ♦

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