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It looks like way 245548245 got orthogonalized and I can't seem to do a partial revert of just that object using the JOSM Reverter plugin. I selected the way and all its nodes as found in the Reverter wiki - Partial reverts but not sure what I'm doing wrong. I can't seem to get a prior version to download.

Can anyone assist? If someone could post the steps in JOSM I'd like to do it myself to learn how.

asked 16 Nov '21, 07:10

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Pica serica
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Seems as if BCNorwhich has already reverted.

In principal it should have not been anything other than (in JOSM) revert changeset, select nodes of the way (not the way!), upload just the nodes (and then discard the rest in JOSM).

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answered 16 Nov '21, 08:00

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SimonPoole ♦
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You said select the nodes of the way, so to clarify, do you mean select only the nodes and don't include the way in the selection? I was selecting both the nodes and the way; would that be the reason why I was having trouble?

(16 Nov '21, 12:18) Pica serica

When you just change the geometry of a way, without adding or deleting nodes, the way itself does not change (it is just tags plus a list of the nodes). Obviously unchanged elements could be ignored in an upload, but that would depend on how JOSM has actually implemented things.

(16 Nov '21, 12:28) SimonPoole ♦

Hi, You've made many edits to this way over several changesets. Reverting your last changeset only alters the edits in that changeset which doesn't make much difference. I've reverted it for you by restoring the position of each node individually, this in Changeset: 113839144. A long tedious method which, when I started to see if it works, I thought it best to finish.

The method in JOSM is to view the history of a node coords. On the map is displayed the current and previous node position. Left click on the map, click the restore popup box, the node is moved to the previous position, close that dialogue page. Repeat till finished. If you wish several history dialogues can be displayed at the same time, (don't get mixed up though).

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answered 16 Nov '21, 08:18

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