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Is there other android or IOS map/gps application like google map that we can call from browser ?

I asked this because I dont know any osrm that have gps navigation like google map. Please enlighten me if I am wrong. Thanks

asked 15 Nov '21, 00:43

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Can you please clarify: Are you looking for an iOS or Android app (there are plenty) or are you looking for a website that offers turn by turn navigation (I wasn't aware Google Maps does that)?

(15 Nov '21, 10:20) TZorn

TZorn, an android or ios app that can be called to open from browaer like google map.

(15 Nov '21, 22:17) Genlight

I suspect that "website" above means "something that opens from a browser" and "app" means "something that you download from an app store such as Google Play or the iOS App Store". Websites can offer app-like functionality - offers routing, for example.

There are lots of Android and iOS apps so you'll need to be a bit more specific about what you actually want.

(15 Nov '21, 23:33) SomeoneElse ♦

SomeoneElse, as I replied above, I wanted to know if there are android or ios map app that can be called to open from browser.

(15 Nov '21, 23:37) Genlight

There are lots of OSM-based services. What do you actually want?

(15 Nov '21, 23:39) SomeoneElse ♦

something with navigation that shows navigation from and to destination. google map has it but i want to use opensource app

(15 Nov '21, 23:45) Genlight

osmAnd android app has navigation but I dont know how to call it from browser.

(15 Nov '21, 23:46) Genlight

The "call it from browser" bit is still unclear:

Do you want to write a website yourself which offers a way to call an app when you press on some button or link and passes on parameters like start and destination?

Or are you looking for a way to select some random text on an arbitrary website and get that pushed over to the app of your choice?

Why don't you explain in a few sentences what it is exactly you are trying to do? Give examples. Than people here are much better able to help you.

(17 Nov '21, 10:21) TZorn
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On Android, I use mostly two "gps navigation" apps, OsmAnd and Organic maps.

Both can open links from the browser. Usually the geo: URIs are the best supported.

You can find the full list of URIs OsmAnd will try to open in their docs, but be aware that those based on a fulltext search might fail.

Organic maps' list is there.

Maybe something is wrong with the intents of your Android.


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answered 16 Nov '21, 15:17

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H_mlet, hi, thanks for helping. could you possibly give me exampke how to open osmand from browser with from and to destination points?

(16 Nov '21, 22:20) Genlight

Hi, now I understand your question. I tried with the only URL of the list that has too points, and it doesn't seem to work on my phone :,-106

And from the test code, it is only meant to find the last point anyway.

Maybe you could support this issue : or this one :

But you should provide example links that you would want osmand to open.

(17 Nov '21, 15:06) H_mlet

There's a list of OSM-based services that offer routing here.

What mode of transport are you most interested in routing (car, bicycle, foot, something else?)?

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answered 15 Nov '21, 23:48

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SomeoneElse ♦
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I am looking for available app

(15 Nov '21, 23:52) Genlight

Can you explain "I am looking for available app" using a few more words? I don't understand what you mean.

(15 Nov '21, 23:55) SomeoneElse ♦

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