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in wiki, you have this : wiki where it says that natural=marsh is deprecated.

In taginfo, you have this : taginfo

One month ago, there were over 700 responses, I corrected them all to good tags (sometimes to a marsh, sometimes to a pond, sometimes a more appropriate tag).

To find all the items, I used overpass turbo :



out skel qt;

I moved the map around the world to find all the objets and then used ID to correct them. After that, taginfo said that there was still one relation. I moved all over the world 3 more times, from the North Pole to the South Pole.

The last relation is invisible with overpass turbo.

Does anyone know how to find it ?

Best regards.

asked 13 Nov '21, 22:24

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(purely commenting on the overpass turbo side of things)

The last relation is invisible with overpass turbo.

If you click through from taginfo to Overpass turbo you get . When you run it, you can click "data" at the top right and click through to find the offending item: .

Although there's no geographic information with the OSM objects (two linked relations not linked to any non-relation objects), you can see from the changeset where the mapper was working at the time.

You won't be able to delete those two orphan relations with iD, but it would do no harm to do so, since they have never directly referred to geographical objects. If you were really keen you could perhaps ask the original mapper where they were trying to add a marsh (in Russian), but they last edited a year ago and this edit was 7 years ago, so I suspect that you might not get an answer.

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answered 13 Nov '21, 22:37

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks for this answer ! You were very fast, my respect !

One last question : if I import the result in JOSM (I almost never use it), do you think it will be able to delete both relations ? Or to add the relation to a way that I will be able to delete in ID ?

Best regards

(13 Nov '21, 23:10) Fred73000

I've certainly used JOSM for that sort of thing in the past, so I'd imagine that it would work. Various other low-level edit options exist (see the wiki), and they would work too.

(13 Nov '21, 23:19) SomeoneElse ♦

I DID IT !! With level0. I created a node in ID, then added this node to the 2 relations with level0, then in ID I was able to see the 2 relations and then to delete everything, the old relations and the temporary node. Thanks a lot for your help !!

(14 Nov '21, 00:07) Fred73000

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