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Hello, I'm trying to filter basic OSM data with Osmosis. I can't seem to get osmosis running though. I've now cut down the command-code to:

osmosis \ --read-pbf file=~/desktop/BA/Modell/SciGRID/data/01_osm_raw_data/germany-24.10.21.osm.pbf --write-null

and I still get the same Error:

SEVERE: Execution aborted. org.openstreetmap.osmosis.core.OsmosisRuntimeException: The following named pipes () and 1 default pipes have not been terminated with appropriate output sinks.

I really don't know what I'm doing wrong.

asked 08 Nov '21, 19:21

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This error message appears when I run your command without the "--write-null". Make sure that everything is actually on one line. Drop the backslash behind osmosis, and write both the --read-pbf and the --write-null into the same line as "osmosis". Make sure that whatever shell script is called when you run "osmosis" doesn't accidentally remove some of the arguments.

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answered 08 Nov '21, 23:13

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks for your help. That actually works, I thought everything will be read in one line as long as I don't use any backslash. How do you run multiple commands though? I've just have a space block between every command but that doesn't seem like the best option.

(09 Nov '21, 12:12) thiblo

You can use backslashes to improve readability, but then you have to make sure to put one at the end of each line. I just advised you to get rid of that above in order to minimize the potential for errors ;)

(09 Nov '21, 13:48) Frederik Ramm ♦

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