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A new dispensary opened in my town, selling mushrooms and other hallucinogens (their website). It seems to be for medical use. While the substances are not legal here, they are operating in the open and don't seem to be having issues with the police.

I'm not sure how to tag it, any recommendations? As healthcare=alternative, maybe?

Edit: Well, I didn't get any useful feedback on this, so I just went with shop=mushroom which might not be ideal, but it's the best I can think of. Google Maps currently has 11 mushroom dispensaries that come up with you search for the in Vancouver (@49.2734186,-123.1254032,13z?entry=ttu">link). I point this out not for us to use as a reference, but just to show that it's not a secret, nor a bad thing to have on the map, If anyone has a suggestion that they like better than shop=mushroom please let me know.

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I have tagged several shops that sell marijuana or, more properly, cannabis products, using the simple tag

shop=cannabis (Taginfo shows 2250 instances of this tag so far)

Subtags for owner, name, hours, etc. are added to the object on a case by case basis. However, the question of legality will arise if you tag shops like your example that are operating in the gray zone between what is legal or illegal.

As for the healthcare tag, I don't know if the OSM world is ready for that yet. However, that said, there are operations beginning to appear here in Oregon that involve microdosing, PTSD treatments, etc., using psychedelic substances but Oregon is way ahead of other states in this area. IMO, the healthcare tags might serve this use well.

Let's let this question hang for a while and see what other contributors have to offer.


(04 Nov '21, 23:21) AlaskaDave


It would not be polite to tag a shop with a criminal activity. This is the case even if the offence is not being actively enforced. The website does not provide a physical address, so it seems they are being cautious. I would respect their privacy.

So yes, tag it as healthcare=alternative. It's a perfectly accurate tag.

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answered 14 Nov '21, 15:02

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I don't think politeness is a mapping criteria, really on the ground is. The reality is there is a large shop, with a big awning, with their name and products. There are also many posters up around town, advertising many things. It is really reminiscent of how marijuana dispensaries were running a few years back, before it was legalized nationally.

(17 Nov '21, 18:48) keithonearth

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