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I'm working on drawing a building like this in 3D:

Is there a way to define the thickness of a roof as a way to show the verges on a roof?

I've tried roof:thickness:parallel + thickness in meters but it doesn't seem to work or me.

Best regards Michael

asked 21 Oct '21, 22:58

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What are you trying to render this with?

Do you want to map the overhang or the actual thickness?

(23 Oct '21, 14:09) InsertUser

Hello InsertUser,

The overhang is no big problem when placing a separate roof with an overhang on top of a separate building. Needs a litte fixing of the height and that's all.

My problem is the verges which I think could be drawn as thicker roof that matches the width of the verges. There could be some tricky fixing of differrent roof and verge colours but anyway the house would look more realistic.

(24 Oct '21, 11:59) MicDK

If the overhanging roof and main structure are part of the same building then they should probably only have on building outline and two (or more) building: parts. I'm not aware of a way of tagging the depth of the fascia or soffits. 3D mapping itself is still a little niche so there are quite a few areas of refinement we don't have tags for yet. Many of the finer details on 3D stuff are just too hard for hobbyists to get accurate information.

(24 Oct '21, 14:43) InsertUser

Helle again,

That's how I'm doing it. The problem is that you - as far as I know - also can't operate with two min_heigts one a building and make a sloping building on the downside between them.

(24 Oct '21, 14:53) MicDK

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