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How to show the GPS coordinates of a point on the map in editing mode?

In non editing mode it's right click to show adress but it's not working in editing mode. How to see the coordinates then?

asked 20 Oct '21, 03:46

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Assuming you are talking about and the in-browser editor iD: Open the measurements window from the map data panel (icon on the right hand side of the screen). It will show the coordinates.

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answered 20 Oct '21, 07:00

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It's not working for me. I don't have a measurement window. If I click on map data und select show measurment panel, nothing happens.

(20 Oct '21, 12:51) ivolino

Hopefully this JPEG helps. First create or select a point, Click on the mapdata icon (6 down) , tick box to show the measurement panel. The co-ordinate can then be seen. It works for me on a Win 10 PC desktop

alt text

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answered 20 Oct '21, 13:08

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andy mackey
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edited 20 Oct '21, 13:22

Now I understand I have to select something on the map. I would also like to know the position of any point in the map even if there is nothing to click on.

(20 Oct '21, 12:54) ivolino

Just swap over to Josm to do that...the cursor coordinates are displayed in bottom status bar as you move around.

(20 Oct '21, 14:53) nevw

You can create a point very close and use that to get the co-ords. But don't save it unless you are going to tag it.

(20 Oct '21, 15:52) andy mackey

Zoom in so that whatever you are interested in is in the middle of the iD screen. Then just right-click where "OpenStreetMap" is displayed on the iD screen and copy the link.

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answered 20 Oct '21, 15:59

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SomeoneElse ♦
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Thanks that helps me a lot.

(20 Oct '21, 16:07) ivolino

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