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Such sidewalks are pretty frequent in Tbilisi on main boulevards. They are wide and nice for walking. But what the stupid city council did, was to paint grids on them and allow cars to park there. >:(

Access is over the zebra walks from side roads and via driveways into courtyards. Normally, I would add a sidewalk=* tag on the main road, but... Stupid to ruin beautiful wide sidewalks, where one can walk in peace, but that is a different story! alt text How should I tag those? for now, I did the following: highway=service service=parking_aisle foot=designated motor_vehicle=destination oneway=direction of main road, unless it is a dead end

on the main road, I was tagging sidewalk=none (or similar), where such parking aisles exist. And I will not add a parking-POI, as I do not want to support such a pedestrian-unfriendly traffic approach!

Any other ideas or suggestions how to tag this?

asked 30 Sep '11, 14:04

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moszkva ter
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Jonathan Ben...

Based on similar situations in Salem, Oregon, this is probably highway=service, service=parking_aisle access=destination foot=designated (assuming that this is like most places, where bicycles are considered vehicles, and thus wouldn't be allowed to use the sidewalk as a through street, either).

The parking POI is inappropriate for parking that isn't a lot or structure of some sort.

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answered 30 Sep '11, 15:34

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I don't know about bike rules in Georgia. There aren't many, as it is very dangerous to use them. Anyway, bikers go as they want. So this is why I wanted to explicitely exclude bikes from access rules for the moment. I think, as soon as a sidewalk is turned into a parking aisle, it becomes a road, therefore open for all vehicles (incl. through traffic) unless otherwise regulated by signs. But this is only my personal interpretation.

Some backgroud info... in summer 2010, the city council of Tbilisi removed all illegal street vendors and market stalls. Well, car parking seems more important :(

(01 Oct '11, 06:39) moszkva ter

The answer is simple, it can be tagged on the street:


and depending on the parking condition (e.g. if no ticket or meter is involved) additionally:


Only if you want to be extraordinarily detailed, you can add another tag that parking is "on the street" (assuming the fact that this kerb is also a street):


Please find the tags in the wiki. The rendered map looks like this.

In your special case, the street could be described as a parking_aisle indeed (what a shame!)

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answered 12 Jan '12, 12:06

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